Director: Tacye McNamara & Designer: Claire Blesing (Ville Creative) Factory Tour OCC Apparel 2017

The Who?

All in All Co. is a planet friendly alternate to our current fast fashion crisis. I started this label from a deep seeded passion to make a difference; I have always been a planet passionate person. I began watching documentaries and going to talks about how fashion was impacting our planet, devastating the lives of the people and animals being exposed to its pollution and the horrendous exploitation of the people making it.

This street wear line is not only a fashion brand but it is a message for change. To us All in All stands for everyone and everything being equal. We should embrace who we are, we should embrace people’s differences, we should embrace equality (regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion), we believe in kindness to all living things and we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

The Why?

First and foremost, the fast fashion industry has been exploiting, destroying and depleting everything in its path to a point of almost no return. Humans, animals, planet… everything has been impacted and at what cost? I created All in All Co. initially without knowing how I was going to fix this enormous problem. The more I looked into what was going on, the more devastating the impact and the angrier I got, nearly to the point of an overwhelming sense to throw it all in (On more than 1 occasion), it was all so much bigger than me. Why could I honestly do to fix this massive problem?

People are dying, being poisoned, committing suicide, not being paid enough to even eat, overworked to exhaustion, children are being used as machines, just so we can enjoy our shitty 5 dollar garments or so big company’s can enjoy massive mark ups from the same quality garment as the 5 dollar one.

Then you have the landfill this problem creates, in Australia alone we throw out 6,000kgs of clothes every 10 minutes. 1 polyester garment can take over 500 years to break down, in a landfill environment even organic cotton cannot compost or break down properly. We have moved from 4 fashion seasons a year (Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer) to 52 micro seasons per year, which means new clothes on the shelves every single week and we are buying/consuming and of course throwing out more than ever.

Director Tacye McNamara #whomademyclothes

The How?

So how do we we fight a fast fashion problem with more fashion?

Well I’m still learning and figuring that out, but what I do know is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Education is such a key part to creating this change, this movement. We as consumers have the power to put a stop to this crisis, people genuinely do give a shit, the media does a fantastic job of shielding us from the scary world outside of our bubble, but I think the more awareness we can create, the more people will know, the more they will care and that will essentially drive the change.

All in All co is 100% Australian made in Sydney by our friends at ethically certified factory in Sydney OCC Apparel. Our garments are made with 100% organic cotton, which we understand is not perfect but it produces quality and opportunity. We want to provide a long lasting garment, something that will make it to the vintage years. Something you can wear again and again and when it’s torn, we will fix it or we will re purpose it or we will compost it.

Organic cotton gives us the opportunity to create a longer life garment that we can then dispose of without going into landfill.

We are also going to be transparent in regards to our entire supply chain, our prices and process. We are new, we are a start up , we will make mistakes and we are far from perfect but we are learning. We want to support other ethical brands and hopefully one day help other start-ups in Australia and around the world to manufacture ethically or assist existing brands alter their practices to improve fashions impact (A girl can dream!).

The Message.

All in All Co. is all about embracing the rebel inside you, standing up for what you believe in.

You should never be made to feel afraid of who you are, if you feel it’s not fair, unjust or just plain wrong, stand up for whatever it is that makes you so angry you could cry or so passionate you could scream.

We all have that rebel in us who see’s or hears something that makes that little voice pipe up and say ‘hey, that wasn’t cool’ but we are too afraid that standing up will set us apart. That’s what society wants us to think, that standing up will isolate us but it is actually what starts a movement. A movement of like-minded people, making a change…as individuals nothing is too big for us if we truly believe in it.

“Truly, deep down inside, everyone wants to be apart of something BIGGER than themselves”       – Matthew Clough



Giving Back.

All in All Co. has been engaging with multiple charities to be able to give back to people who have dedicated their lives to causes much bigger than their own.

We not only want to raise awareness to the fashion industry crisis but hopefully the supported charities as well and influential people doing incredible things.



All in All is a wearable message for change made with a rebellious heart, a free spirit and a strong desire to make a difference.

E-mail: wearestillhere@allinall.com.au

Web: http://allinall.com.au

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